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Intermittent internet connection problem.

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Intermittent internet connection problem.

Windows 7 64 bit.
Desktop p.c. is directly connected to TG582n router by ethernet cable.
On some occasions when the p.c first boots up, like this morning, it doesn't connect to the internet. I open the troubleshooter and it resets the "Local Area Connection" and then I receive the message" "Local Area Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration. - Fixed".
The next time it could well be fine for a couple of days then back to the not connecting for a couple of days.
It isn't a massive issue but having to use the troubleshooter is becoming tedious!
The same p.c. was fine with a different router and Madasafish. It's since using this router and Plusnet.
Any possible fixes would be appreciated. Smiley
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Re: Intermittent internet connection problem.

Boots up or wakes up?  If it wakes up it probably wakes up with the IP address it had when it went to sleep whilst the router may have concluded it's not there any more.