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Interleaving and broadband speed

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Registered: ‎30-10-2007

Interleaving and broadband speed

Does interleaving in itself cause a loss in connection speed? Problems I encountered with repeated dropped connections have ceased since interleaving was switched on, but apparently at the cost of a speed loss from 5-6 Mbps to around 2 Mbps. Is this a trade-off one has to accept? Or is there no correlation? Needless to say I prefer a slower yet stable connection to a quicker yet erratic one, but would be grateful for advice on this.
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Re: Interleaving and broadband speed

Hi Ajax,
Interleaving can cause a slight loss in synchronisation speeds, but absolutely nothing like what you're seeing currently.
Things on your line look okay though - You've had a recent blip in your connection speed, but if you give things a couple of days, it should be back upto very close to what you had before.  It just takes BTs profiling 2-3 days to catch up.