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Interesting article

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Interesting article

Interesting article. I could never understand how MAX could be advertised "upto 8 Meg" when it's impossible to get 8 Meg
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Re: Interesting article

It's an okay article.  It's hardly new news but it does make a point that it's extremely unlikely to get upto 8Mbps.  The point that it does miss out on is that on IPStream Max / Max Premium, it's actually impossible.  The highest attainable IP Profile is 7150Kbps, which clearly isn't actually 8Mbps, so whilst you might get 8Mbps sync speeds, without overheads and profiling, it's actually impossible.
Would be interesting to see if any changes are forced, but I highly doubt it whilst ISPs are allowed to advertise unlimited**
** It's not unlimited but we feel like saying it is.