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Intel Security Flaw

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Re: Hope this dont slow down my i7 :(

Y2K didn't happen because it was a non starter. Yes there were issues with software and some firmware but it was no where near as disastrous as was made out in the media, like reactors going in to melt down IMMSMC. Like you I was there too.

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Re: Hope this dont slow down my i7 :(

Too you-to me! this whole thing is like a see-saw

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Re: Hope this dont slow down my i7 :(

VileReynard wrote:

Y2K didn't happen due to years of work by a large number of programmers (including me). Bugs were found, and squashed.

And me  Cheesy  The bonus came in quite handy too.


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Re: Hope this dont slow down my i7 :(

Mook wrote:

Thanks for the link @30FTTC06, but if the Steve you are referring to is Steve Gibson then I'll not bother I do not hold him, his products or anything he has to say with any regard.



He's done a lot of good. Everything from the shields up port scanner, upnp disabling to finding problems with MS operating systems. Probably other stuff i'm not aware of too. I seem to remember he also has a tool called spinrite.. something to do with hard drives but can't remember what.

So considering most of his tools (if not all) are free, aimed at helping people and generally doing his bit for humanity, why are you so negative towards him?

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