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IP Cam - Remote Viewing

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IP Cam - Remote Viewing

Hi, I've set up a Sunluxy SP017 IP Camera in my home and have it working just fine on my IPad and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, provided I'm at home and on my network.  My fibre router is the Plusnet Technicolor TG582n FTTC.  What I'd like to do now is view the camera remotely, on my phone, via the internet, when I'm not at home.   Can anyone tell me the simplest way of doing it please.  Thanks very much

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Re: IP Cam - Remote Viewing

@johnnysshed Google, is your friend, when nobody on here answers your query ! ! !   


I put in  "How to view remote camera"    and got a page full of links...


Might be worth a look ...

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Re: IP Cam - Remote Viewing

Hi Shutter - thanks for your message. I'd already done that and seen them, but I found the instructions were far too complicated for me to follow. I was wondering if there was a fairly simple way of doing it. If there isn't, I'll get a pro pc person in to do it for me. Thanks again, John

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Re: IP Cam - Remote Viewing


the first thing your going to find out is that your router will be a PITA to do it with, the second is that your going to need a static ip addy, and the third is that your likely to need a trip to somewhere like broadband buyer's website to get a more capable router that doesn't have the problems of being isp locked and limited.


the actual process required changes based on the hardware your using, for instance I had a router when I was using an ip cam every time the dynamic ip changed it sent me an alert to my phone with the new one (customised alerts) so I didn't need a static ip addy, thus it just worked after following rather simple setup instructions found on the routers manufactuers forum.


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Re: IP Cam - Remote Viewing

Depends on the abilities of the hardware (I'm not going to read the manual for you).. As has been mentioned already you need a fixed IP and port to route to.

If you haven't paid for a plusnet fixed IP then you can use a service like noip (free).

This will give you your static IP but then that needs to know your dynamic IP to point to. this can either be done manually, with an app on a phone/PC or some cameras allow you to enter a "DDNS" in their settings to register automatically.
 then you either need to either configure port forwarding in the router or turn on port triggering for the cameras specific port.

 - That's pretty much as simple as it gets. If you google your specific brand of camera and "access from internet" then you should find someone has already detailed the process/instructions with screenshots.