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IE8 - opinions

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IE8 - opinions

Recently downloaded IE8 as it is now out of beta (as I understand it). Must say that I am quite taken with it, even though I am a long-term addicted Firefox user. I like the accelerators thingy and have just tried the InPrivate function. Also, it is very fast.  Any other opinions?
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Re: IE8 - opinions

had it running for a while - it's step in the right direction, almost catching up with the best browsers - but I see no reason to switch to it - ietab in firefox does all I would still need internet exploder for - and 99% of IE8 is just a catch up with the rest.
a new version of IE will always seem faster - probably thanks to relatively few add ons being available yet for it
The time to install IE8 will put some folk off though, 2 reboots & what seemed like half an hour to install !!