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IE8 and Ad blocking

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IE8 and Ad blocking

I’ve some work on its validating and updating an online database, part of the requirement is I must use IE8.
As an Ad-blocker I’ve loaded a HOSTS file with the lines {blocked url} for each address I want blocked.
It works pretty well, I use two IE windows and copy/paste between the search window and the database window, this seems the easiest way as there are many diacritical marks involved.
Occasionally a site I want gets ‘blocked’.
Does anybody else use any Ad blocker with IE8?
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Re: IE8 and Ad blocking

I use Kaspersky Internet Security, it has a built in ad blocker no matter which browser I use (I use Chrome), sites which run adverts that are not in your face flash music etc. ones I add to the white list so the site can at least get a little revenue from me, sites which do pop up/under will never get whitelisted Smiley