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IE syas 'download complete' when it isn't.

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Registered: ‎03-07-2008

IE syas 'download complete' when it isn't.
When I try to downoald the file above, IE downloads a few Mb (Should be 55Mb) then says 'Download complete' ! even though it isn't. The resulting file is obviously useless.  Or the downolad just stops after a couple of Mb. I desparately need this file and so far the only answer I've got from the site owner is to try when it's less busy !!
This is the only file I've had trouble with so far
I used to have a similar problem with AOL browser, but switching to IE always solved the problem but since moving to plusnet I only use IE
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Re: IE syas 'download complete' when it isn't.

Possibly worth clearing your cache of temporary internet files.
Sounds like IE is looking at a corrupt cached copy and thinking that its the one you are trying to download - getting shut of the one its looking at will force it to download a whole new copy of the file.
Hopefully this time around it'll pull it down without corruptions.