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I just doubled my Wifi speed

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I just doubled my Wifi speed

Adair Towers has thick stone walls and is Grade II Listed, so running too many network cables in ducts/holes and lifting floors to hide them is not smiled on by the authorities. The place was built 25 years before gas lighting started to emerge.We have quite a few rooms and there was a problem providing internet access evenly throughout the building. We have four separate Wifi Access points giving 5 zones. This gives a reasonable coverage. Connection to the WiFi WAPs is via powerline ethernet. The speed has never been as good as it should, but it has been workable.

I had a light bulb moment this week and realised the patch connection from the firewall to the powerline device is only running at 100 mb. The powerline system is capable of running at 380 mbs. So today I plugged most things on the LAN  into a new 1 gbs switch. Communication between devices is a now lot snappier, though there remains a 100 mbs bottle neck to the Internet at the firewall. In theory a faster switch will reduce network collisions on the LAN

Now I just need to get BT world to provide 1 gbps FTTP to this crumbling pile..

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Re: I just doubled my Wifi speed

It works with wires too.

I partly replaced wifi with Gigabit cables & a couple of Gigabit switches.
Cost very little & my backups etc run much faster. Smiley

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