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I didn't know the BBC did this

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I didn't know the BBC did this
Until recently, the BBC was sending copies of cookies dropped on visitors to Visual Sciences, a web analytics operation bought in 2007 by Omniture, a Utah-based online marketing firm.
Posters at NoDPI, an internet privacy forum, noticed the accompanying browser redirects to a server owned by Omniture last September. Further investigation showed information sent by the BBC included each user's IP address and post code, which collects to target weather reports and other location-specific content.
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Re: I didn't know the BBC did this

At least, unlike Phorm,  the BBC seems to have seen the error of their ways. But now everyone seems to be doing it.
EXPERIAN, the credit checking company, is braving mounting concerns over internet privacy with plans to launch a service that will track broadband users’ activity so they can be targeted with advertising.
The UK's mobile phone networks are to start selling data about the internet sites visited by their customers to advertisers.
And in the US:
A San Francisco company called Feeva has launched a new ad service it says targets Internet users with unprecedented geographic and demographic precision.
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Re: I didn't know the BBC did this

Think there's a lot of stuff the beeb do we don't know about.
Time it bit the dust IMO.