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Hub One - solved

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Registered: ‎05-11-2015

Hub One - solved

I just upgraded to Hub One router, primariliy because the old router I got two years ago didn't do port forwarding properly (and i spend two year swith BT SPort! :o( )

heard rumours that the Hub one should do port forwarding, found it did and was able to setup fine.

However, the linux box I had didn't show up as connected.  I had it as Fixed IP address.

After trying a few things I made the linux box use DHCP. which gave the linux box a new IP address.

At this point when setting up port forwarding the linux box was now visible when you try and select a device.

I then set the linux box back to Static IP address and made Hub One set this IP address always for teh linux box.

and I now have BT Sport and entertainment channels. Hurrahh !

I hope it's still working in the morning.

just posted in case it helps anybody (of course this may already be posted elsewhere I did see some threads on the subject, if so, sorry for the bandwidth ;o) )


TP LINK TD-W8968 going spare ;o)



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