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How do you delete a Flickr account?

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How do you delete a Flickr account?

A few years ago, I created a Flickr account. This may have been part of my local Parkrun Flickr group, so that I could get copies of photos others had taken. I never loaded any photos on any Flickr account, whether in the Parkrun group or not.

Just lately, I have been getting lots of emails from Flickr, to the point where it is getting irritating. I decided I would kill off my Flickr account as I hadn't used it for a long time, but when I signed onto Flickr, it seems to put me into Internet Explorer where it then wants me to change to Chrome. I have IE11 and Chrome on my pc, but Flickr seems to want to load Chrome onto my pc again. It doesn't seem to allow me to just change to Chrome without the download.

I have been to look at the Flickr website, and judging by the fact I can read posts in their User Forum without logging in, I assume I have been logged in for some years - there doesn't seem to be a Log Off. Interestingly, when I look for posts on deleting a Flickr account, there are lots of posts about Flickr deleting accounts when they weren't asked to do so, and of some accounts being deleted by the person who 'owned' them, but then finding the contents of that old account still being accessible.

So the help I would like from the forum please is:-

1. How to trace any Flickr accounts I have (in case I have more than one);

2. How to get into these accounts;

3. How to delete them;

4. How to log out.

My thanks for any help

Merry Christmas

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Re: How do you delete a Flickr account?

I can't say I've ever had Flickr switch from one browser to another. I tend to use Firefox mostly but can log in with no problems using Opera. I have never had it want to download any browser. I suspect that if it is going to IE, that might be the default browser on your system.


On the Flickr home page, if you are logged in there should be far right - your display name. Clicking on that brings down a menu and from there settings. That gives you access to your account settings and on that same page, on the top right, there are links to delete the account etc etc. Clicking on delete the account, brings up another page in red. Next action deletes the account.


To log out just click on the display name icon and select (at the bottom of the menu) log out.


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Re: How do you delete a Flickr account?

If it is auto logging you in, it might suggest there is a cookie on your machine (coming from me take that as a massive 'might').

Try logging on from a different device if you can and see.

I don't use Flickr, and from reading this thread it is probably a good thing. In case there is a cookie issue I would change the password, so it'll nag you for the new one before you log in.

Then don't give it.

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Re: How do you delete a Flickr account?

Hello @Alex  and @idonno . Between the two of you, you appear to have come up with the solution. My mistake (and it never occurred to me at the time) was, without thinking about it, I was going into IE11 to get to Flickr. That was probably why it was trying to get me to install Chrome. I do seem to be auto logged on, so maybe there is a cookie to worry about. My Flickr page doesn't have my name on the right - it is on my left (both my real name and my username). There was an icon of an old style camera on the right, and when I clicked on that, a dropdown menu appeared which included Settings. Settings led to Delete Your Account, and so far, it seems to have worked. However, judging by other users posts on the Flickr forum, maybe my account will mysteriously reappear.

There was nothing to suggest that the icon had that dropdown menu, so perhaps I have learned something about icons now

Thanks to both for your help. Have a good Christmas