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Home Server

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Home Server

Setting up a home server and would welcome operating system recommendations.
Hardware it is a Zeon processor with 2gb ram and two 500gb sata drives
Must be able to
1. share folders which are visible to xp and windows 7 machines
2. browse the internet
3. be accessible remotely
4. provide a word processing program
5. share a laser printer
6. be easy to administer
thanks in advance
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Re: Home Server

Well any recent Linux OS will do all that, dependant on your Laser Printer (HP no probs) (The other option is to install the printer as a RAW printer and let the M$ driver do the work)
You could use a dedicated one, but they usually don't have a GUI so  no word processing/surfing on the box. Or Ubuntu 10.04 would do all that and includes OOo, FF etc.
However it depends on whether you want to spend money on it, you could buy M$ Home Server (or is that OEM only? for ££££) or Server 2008 though surfing on that is like fighting the devil with a teaspoon  Grin
For a zero cost other than a cd I would give Ubuntu a try and see if it does what you want.
Samba is there for sharing folders & printers.