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Home Server - Windows 2003 - MTU/RWin Question

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Home Server - Windows 2003 - MTU/RWin Question

I am running a home server on a line dedicated to it. It is currently on a 2mb connection - old style.  I want to upgrade to up to 8mb as I have on my other line. There I was able to tweak the MTU & Rwin settings on XP.
The server runs windows 2003 server. If I upgrade to 8mb I will need to alter the MTU / Rwin settings for its dedicated line as I did on my home PC.
Silly question .. can you use a Utility like Dr TCP to do it on the server?
Currently I have a network with the server ... my home PC and 2 routers leading to the outside world on each line. The router software for both lines are lodged on the server and then networked out. I used DR TCP on my home PC to alter MTU & Rwin settings to suit the 8mb connection I have there.

  Line 1  2mb      Line 2 Max
      Router 1            Router 2
      Both Routers lead to Server - Software for both routers on server
  (Server runs 2mb line connection)
Home PC on network. Home PC runs the 8mb

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Re: Home Server - Windows 2003 - MTU/RWin Question

You could change it if you wanted but you stand more chance of breaking it than improving it. The setting is really just between the router and the server the routers MTU is the one which effects the internet connection. As the path between the pc and router hasnt changed it shouldn't effect it.
You may find some slight gains on the router MTU settings. You can use utilities on a server just like XP but some may complain its a server