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Help regarding router please

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Help regarding router please

I have just bought a Toshiba BDX2000KB Blue-Ray player and it can connect to the internet for firmware updates and something called BD Video
which apparently adds more to a Blue ray Disc (camera angles interactive stuff etc stuff you dont get on the DVD) via the internet.
My question is the DVD player will not be positioned near my router so i will not be able to connect it to the internet via the Lan cable
so can i connect this devise via a wireless dongle thingy. There is also another problem there is no usb in the Player but i do have
a Lan to female USB connector i can use to overcome that problem ( i hope that will work as all wireless dongles are USB) but as usb is slower than Lan could this be a problem and also what type of Wireless Dongle Thingy do i get .
I am using the Thomson TG 585 v7 router which i understand is an "N" router that is better equiped to deal with what i am trying to do.
I hope this makes some sense
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks  Mike
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Re: Help regarding router please

Have you thought of using Homeplugs
We have a couple of Netgear HDX101s and I can highly recommend them.