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Has anyone used R?

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Has anyone used R?

I'm looking at R to produce a basic graphical plot of a line between point(x1,y1) and point(x2,y2) (many times) but it's eluding me! I don't want to spend ages on it as I doubt I'll be using the software again any time soon so going through the whole manual will be a little (ahem) pointless.
Can anyone give me the line(s) of code required so that i can drop in my own data from Excel?
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Re: Has anyone used R?

The PDF at seems to provide many example plots including lines. Hopefully code from the first few examples or from #21 onwards will provide what you are seeking. I get the impression axes (bounds) have to be defined first before lines can be added.
Example 7 contains a short list of the plotting commands. Smiley