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Google taking the mik

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Google taking the mik

Hi All
Just seen this:
[quote="Google Buzz leaves privacy concerns ringing in ears"]
Comment What’s that really annoying humming sound bothering your lugholes? Oh yes, Google Buzz. Bah.
And so it has come to pass - Mountain View’s sinister personal data grab has finally crept into the most sacred of all online communication tools. Gmail now has the ability to do social networking.
Google wants to out-Facebook Facebook, out-Twitter Twitter and out-Internet Explorer Internet Explorer and so and so and so, infinitum. But the ad broker’s relentless efforts to carpetbomb the entire interwebulator with its brand is becoming at best tiresome and at worst downright creepy.

Your privacy gos out of the window with this, if you have Google Mail Buzz is coming to you!
Google and Virgin Media can shove Google Mail & Buzz where the sun don't shine.  Virgin Media is moving all there customers over to Google Mail.   Angry

Major amount of complaints flooding in to google help forums
"The ability to 'block' followers is presently broken if the follower hasn't already set up their profile.  This is probably a bug; it's disappointing that Google didn't catch this in beta testing, and some people have already reported that stalkers have found their profiles through this glitch."