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Google Nest WiFi and Draytek vigor 130 setup

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Google Nest WiFi and Draytek vigor 130 setup

Does anyone know how to set up google nest WiFi and draytek vigor 130 please ? I cannot find a decent tutorial.
Is the draytek vigor plug and play? Whenever I try to add the google nest it keeps saying it cannot find an internet connection so I can’t even access the google WiFi WAN setup page, is there a particular setup needed for the draytek? Help!!
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Re: Google Nest WiFi and Draytek vigor 130 setup


You should not need an Internet connection to access the Google thing. You should be able to select the Google wireless SSID from your device and input the wireless password, which should have come with it. You should then be able to enter your Plusnet details on the settings page, see

I don’t know but assume that your modem is plug and play.

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Re: Google Nest WiFi and Draytek vigor 130 setup

@voctave according to the google setup guide here you should be able to do as @Baldrick1 says , although it suggests that you need to disconnect the Nest from the modem first.

Although I've not used one myself, I believe the Draytek 130 should default to modme mode and be plug and play.

Beware that there are a number of posts around where people have had problems setting up the Nest Wifi with FTTC in the UK. Google claim the Nest wont work with VLAN tagging which is used with FTTC. This is a complete red herring, since the VLAN tagging is completely handled by the modem and so any router will not be aware of it. Google, however, seem to get fixated on the problem being VLAN tagging and insist it will not work without additional VLAN capable switches.

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