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Google Home/Cromcast trying to set up Port Forwarding?

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Google Home/Cromcast trying to set up Port Forwarding?

To try out BritBox I have installed a Google Chromecast to transfer programmes from a tablet to the TV. This required me to install Google Home on the tablet.

This all works fine. It does everything I need and I don't need any more Google bells and whistles thank you.

I have UPnP turned off on my Smarthub.

Looking at the Smarthub I get the following, which I can only stop by disconnecting power from the Chromecast. is the Chromecast.

To my ignorant eye I am assuming that it is trying to set up port forwarding and talk to the Google DNS server. I assume that the Smarthub is stopping this happening, which is good as what I have works and I don't want or need any other Goggle services (I don't want this but it was the only way I could get BritBox on my aging TV). Undaunted the Chromecast is retrying every 30 seconds.

Can any-one throw further light or explain with more accuracy what is going on here and/or suggest ways of stopping it short of giving Google it's evil way with me?

Failing that I shall give up and scrap it.



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