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Google Chrome Unable To Access Internet !

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Google Chrome Unable To Access Internet !

For some reason today I cannot access the internet using the google chrome browser , yesterday and previous days all fine.


What is even more sinister is although the chrome application opens I cannot see offline pages , like settings and extensions etc.

The thought struck me as possible malware especially as I cannot access offline pages ! I am posting this message with another browser on the same computer and so far without any difficulty.

I have now  ununinstalled Chrome  and run a virus scan, is it also a coincidence that today is windows update day ?


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Re: Google Chrome Unable To Access Internet !

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Re: Google Chrome Unable To Access Internet !

In my experience Chrome sometimes goes wrong - although not too often.  Uninstalling and reinstalling may help but Chrome maintains a "profile" that is not removed when it is uninstalled and if that profile becomes corrupt you may need to take steps to remove it or reinstalling takes you back to the same problem.