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Get Free from "Windows is configuring updates"

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Get Free from "Windows is configuring updates"

How to get FREE from Windows. !

Using Windows since it ( almost started) way back when "floppy discs" were the way to install programs on a computer... I have "grown up" with it... However, some annoying things about windows made me want to see what alternative operating systems were available. I started out seeing what LINUX MINT 8 had to offer... and found that, by using an additional program called WINE 1.3 I could runs "some"of the windows programs on the LINUX operating system.

It was a bit "hit and miss", though... some worked straight from install as normal on windows, but others needed some "tweaking" using "command line" stuff, that I was not familiar with... and so Linux Mint got shelved... a couple of years passed, and I tried again... same again.. so again got shelved... until in 2019 I found out that I could use LINUX MINT 19.1 with WINE 4.0 to run "most" of the programs I had been using on Windows. and... as Windows 7 was going to cease being supported by Microsoft updates in January 2020... seemed like a good idea to finally "get rid" and go (almost) completely Linux !.

I say "almost" because, I still have Windows 7 pro running on the same computer, WITHIN the Linux operating sysem. And that.... is another story,... at the end of this one !.


So... what do you need to know... firstly, less than me ! ! ... and I don`t know much, about Linux. but what I have learned, if you follow the story, I hope you will be able to get FREE FROM WINDOWS like me .



Be aware, that some Linux geeks, and guru`s may post corrections or different ways to do this... so if you have problems,... always check the later posts on this thread....


Let`s get started...

I would suggest, buying ( if not already available ) a new 500 GB hdd or ssd. ( or larger if you feel the need ) ! also you will need to have at least 8gb USB Memory stick.


Go to the Linux Mint download location ..( google it, or ... )
on that page, you will see

Cinnamon            32-bit    64-bit      An edition featuring the Cinnamon desktop
MATE                  32-bit    64-bit       An edition featuring the MATE desktop
Xfce                    32-bit    64-bit       An edition featuring the Xfce desktop

I suggest you use MATE and 64bit..... as this is the most similar Linux version to Windows.

Once downloaded, on to your existing computer, you will need to "burn" it to a USB memory stick
Using "Linux Live usb creator"

Just follow the instructions... ! .

After you have completed the "burn"... you can use it on any computer, and boot from the USB stick, to access Linux MINT 19.xx... It does not "install" but you can "get the feel of it" ... You can also access your windows files, photo`s and documents... so it is a handy thing to keep "just in case" your windows operating system crashes and you can`t boot up ! you have Linux Mint on a stick ! ..


       . insert the new 500 GB hdd or ssd... to your computer...

        . then insert your Linux Mint on a stick to the USB port.

switch on, and boot up from the usb stick ( you may need to alter the boot menu in the BIOS for this to happen) .

Once booted up and you have the "desktop" with the "Install" icon... you can then click on that icon, and go and make a cup of will need to answer a few "set up" questions... and then it takes about 45 minutes to install on the main HDD /SSD.

Once it is installed on the HDD/SSD you can remove the USB stick...


clicking on the "Menu" at the bottom left of the screen will show a list of "Applications"..
. seek out "Firefox web browser" and RIGHT CLICK on it... then click "Add to desktop"
This will put a "short cut" on the desktop, so you can access the internet ....


Do the same again... click on "Menu" and seek out "Thunderbird mail" and again... right click on it...

                and "Add to desktop"...
again a short cut appears on the desktop so you can now sort out your emails .


Another useful one to add, will be "Terminal" for doing "command line" or "terminal" instructions.


You will need to set up your internet connection using an ethernet connection to your router before you can access the internet... WIFI should also be available, see the icons at bottom right , hover over them or right click them, to see what they are.


One of the most important features that you will need at some time is to be able to shut down a program because it has misbehaved. and the X does not work !

so.. Put your mouse cursor on the bottom task bar... ( Linux call it "panel" ) ...

right click and then click on "add to panel" a window opens with a list of apps..
. find one called "Force Quit" and click on it...

an icon will be put on the lower taskbar ( panel ) so that you can click that to force the program to close.


You can also add... "Show desktop" if you want to access the desktop quickly.


"Window selector" will show a list of all the windows that are open on the desktop...




OK... so... Hopefully, you now have Linux Mint 19.xx installed on your hard drive....


Next you will need to install WINE 4.0. (or the latest version) .

.. this can be a bit complicated, so it is best to follow exactly the instrucions on this page....
Do NOT BE AFRAID ! ! !... ..

Make sure your page is "full screen" as the "terminal" instructions are somewhat shorter if not,

and will not work for you...

( can copy and paste the "terminal instructions" on to the "terminal" screen to ensure you have not made a mistake, or missed some vital fullstop or dash ! ..)


Remember to press the RETURN KEY at the end of the terminal line, to "execute" the order...!


For LINUX MINT 19.xx I used the Ubuntu 18.04 terminal instructions.

During the install of WINE 4.0... there will be a need to answer "Yes" or similar to questions...


and also there are some very lengthy periods when nothing seems to be happening..

. be patient...

the whole install takes about 45 minutes... so "be patient" have the coffee and sandwiches ready ! ! ..


Assuming that you have now confirmed that WINE 4.0 is installed on your new Linux Mint 19.xx..

Check Wine Version

Wine installation successfully completed. ? ?

Use the following command to check the version of wine installed on your system.
wine --version (enter key 0

Response should be....

wine-4.0.1 (or whatever version of wine4.xx )


you should already have established your internet,

you can now start downloading and installing your favourite Windows Programs.
They all use the same "install shield" as windows..makes life easy ! ! !...

However. if an install fails.... you will probably find a "similar" program on the "software manager" app on the "Menu" listing ( bottom left corner of the screen, remember??? ! )


You do not need to have an antivrus program running... although you can if you search for one..
You do not need to have CCleaner or Registry Cleaner software running either ! ! ..

You may want an alternative to Windows Media Player....( for video and CD/DVD`s ) such as GOM Player which will not run on WINE ..

you can use the LINUX version called "SM Player" excellent player, and recommended... available on the "Software Manager" as above.. or VLC media Player is already installed when you installed Linux ! ! ..



Now that you have WINE 4.0 installed.... you can add another desktop icon...


go to Menu, and then seek out "Browse C: Drive" .. and right click it... to "Add to desktop" ... useful for finding those Windows exec files, and your programs that you install with WINE ! .

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^****************************************************************************************************************************** far so good.... but what about the programs that I like on Windows, that don`t actually run or install on Linux....


The answer is to INSTALL WINDOWS 7 ( or whatever windows disc you have available) on VIRTUAL BOX 6.xx ( or latest version) ..


What is Virtual Box 6.xx ?

it is a program or application, that you install on Linux ( mint or any other distro ) ... and you can then run another Operating System,... such as Windows 7, or Vista or even W95 ! .. or ... if you have enough room....all of them ! .


This means... you can access your Windows operating system, and all its progs ( that you will have to install as well) , by clicking an icon on the desktop, the same way you would access your browser or email.....

without the need to shut down Linux...then, boot up windows, wait for it to "settle down" and install any updates, and configure them, and be ready to use in 5 minutes ! ! ..

it also means that you can leave it running, and access it from the lower task bar ( panel ) . as if it were "just another useful app" . ... you do not need to install any anti virus on your windows on Virtual Box.... as , you would not be accessing the internet, although it can be used that way if you desired. ( e.g. to download new or old programs for installing on Windows) Also, you do not need to install any updates... as you are only using the "base" of whatever version of Windows you install, to service the programs that won`t run in LINUX/WINE 4.0


There are two ways to install Virtual Box 6.0

The first way is via the "Package Manager" on the "Menu"... click on Package Manager... then you will have to type in your password to "authenticate" or allow the next window to open.
Click onthe magnifying glass ( search ) ... and type in the box "Virtual Box 6.0"
You should be presented with the file name... Virtual Box 6.0 right click on it... and then click "Mark for installation"..
follow through with that to the install.




The second way is to install from a download...

you will see the Platform packages listed ........ .

VirtualBox 6.1.0 platform packages
                  Windows hosts
                  OS X hosts
                  Linux distributions
                  Solaris hosts


Choose "Linux distributions"        


VirtualBox 6.1.0 for Linux
 Oracle Linux 8 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 / CentOS 8
 Oracle Linux 7 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 / CentOS 7
 Oracle Linux 6 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 / CentOS 6
 Ubuntu 19.10
 Ubuntu 18.04 / 18.10 / 19.04
 Ubuntu 16.04
 Debian 10
 Debian 9
 Debian 8
 openSUSE 15.0
 Fedora 31
 Fedora 29 / 30
 All distributions (built on EL6 and therefore not requiring recent system libraries)

Choose Ubuntu 18.4/18.10/19.04 if you are running Linux Mint 19.1 or later.

You will then be presented with the "download" window... and "save as" command.

Save the download... then Install it when the download has finished.


Once you have Virtual Box Installed on your Linux machine....

you need to find the "Oracle VM Virtual Box" listed in the applications list from the "Menu"....

Right click on it, and then "Add to desktop" as you did for the other items .

This will be your ICON for accessing your WINDOWS operating system in the Virtual Box. from the desktop.


Insert your Windows operating system disc, or usb stick.. (whichever it is loaded on) .. then

Right click and "open" the Oracle VM Virtual Box.....

Then Click NEW.... to start the install of WIndows on the Virtual Box...

It works exactly the same, as a "new install" on a normal install for Windows.. so follow it through and let it run... when it is finished. you can remove the disc or the usb. and then start to work out the way that you want Windows to work for you.


You will also need to resize the display in the WIndows/Virtual Box, so that you get a ( almost ) full size sceen to use when using windows... I think that is done on "display"   or " Personalise"  in the windows settings...

Trial and error for the best size ! ! ! ...


USB SLOT(s) need activating....

You will also need to be able to access your USB slot in Virtual Box...

here is how to get that working...


Good luck... and Enjoy being FREE from "Configuring updates, Please Wait"


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Re: Get Free from "Windows is configuring updates"

Very good!

You can also boot from that USB key and give Mint a basic tryout, running in memory (so it runs sluggishly). This will not access your HD.

Personally, I'd go for the "Cinnamon" Desktop Environment - but its mostly just a different visual experience...

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