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Geocities Closing

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Geocities Closing

Hi All
Just got this from webring
Yahoo recently announced that they are closing GeoCities sometime later this year, possibly as early as the end of summer. This closure will likely affect many of you. You might be one of the thousands who have one or more registered sites located at Geocities. Some Ring Managers might have dozens of GeoCities sites in their rings.
Whatever your situation, we would like to help you make sure you don't lose your website or ring members when Geocities closes. Please take a moment to read a letter from the owner of WebRing.
Thanks to our recently launched webspace, you can save your soon-to-be homeless GeoCities site. WebRing webspaces are completely free for all WebRing members! You can read about webspaces here.
Ring Managers should contact all affected members of their rings and pass this information on to them.
Free members get 50 MB of personal storage. To get a full 1 GB, you can upgrade to the premium membership level.
Remember, this personal storage is absolutely free to all WebRing members. Only your membership level determines how much space you get.
You can access your personal storage (when logged in) at:;cr=y

WebRing Member Services
membership @

Still skeptical?
If you think it's going to take too much work to move over your site, we invite you to read a WebRing member's personal account: "How WebRing Saved My Butt and My Website"