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GPU Question

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GPU Question

Not sure if this is the right place to post it but anyway :D.So i brought a second hand GPU ( gtx 950 ) the problem is that only the cooler works.i asked the seller and he told me that my power supply will not take it (I can't remember the name of the power.s but it have only 450 W ) and he told me to buy one with at last 550 W.I want to make sure that 550 W will be enough or i need more and do i need to use the port on the gpu that is connected to the power supply (Don't know the name)?


The PC is a dell vostro 260 with the power supply changed ( I accidentally broke it the first time when i changed the gpu ) i5 2400,ssd and hdd connected

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Re: GPU Question

@airystelan3  Welcome to the forum.

450W should easily be enough. The peak power for a GTX950 is 90W and the recommended minimum PSU is 400W.

If there is a power socket on the board then it must be used. If necessary you may need to get an adapter should your PSU not have the necessary mating connector.

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Re: GPU Question

@Baldrick1 is correct.
Pictures of the gtx950 show a socket forca power lead. You'll either need an adapter or a power supply with the extra connector.
Note that the power consumption depends on the exact version (ammount of memory for example). A quick google found figures varying from 90W to 200W.
If yours is at the 200W end then a 550W power supply is needed.