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Free wireless router with Option 1

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Free wireless router with Option 1

Just noticed on uswitch (
that PN are offering a free wireless router on Option 1.
Apparently it is a uswitch exclusive. Not sure how one would go about obtaining the offer but it might be enough to tempt a few potential referrals. 
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Re: Free wireless router with Option 1

Well, it was only by chance - I am not a natural peruser of uswitch.  I was browsing around the Computeractive site and linked to it from there, just checking out broadband/telephone deals (not that I am planning to move on).
I can see why PN haven't been forthcoming about it here on the forum.
I presume that to qualify you would have to sign up via the uswitch website, or at least be linked from it.
Anyway, we will watch this space!