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Format Spry Menu Bar in Adobe DW CS3

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Format Spry Menu Bar in Adobe DW CS3

Morning ppl,
I need some help with a spry menu i am building in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. 
I have got the look and feel but i cant work out a couple of issues with the .css file that i would like.
1.  If i make my browser smaller, the the menu bar automatically drops down a second line.  I would like it to stay as one line regardless of the browser width.
2. when i click on submenus, is there a way for it to automatically display either to the right or left depending where the sub menu is on the page.  i.e if it is the last menu towards the far right side, then the sub menu will appear to the left rather than disappearing of the right side of the page. 
I do hope that I have made sense Smiley
any help/advice is really appreciated
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Re: Format Spry Menu Bar in Adobe DW CS3

The position of Spry Menu Bar submenus is controlled by the margin property on submenu ul tags.
Locate the ul.MenuBarVertical ul or ul.MenuBarHorizontal ul rule.
Change the margin: -5% 0 0 95%; default values to the desired values.

If that helps