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Flash player not loading youtube videos

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Flash player not loading youtube videos

Anyone else noticed this since around the 4th July? Occurs in all browsers (including Chrome, which has its own version of FPlayer). All I get is a black box where the video should be. Right-clicking gives "Video not loaded" and the usual Flash Player details.
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Re: Flash player not loading youtube videos

hello nozzer  yes  im sick to death with flash player iv uninstalled reinstalled it 5 times and still no joy.

iv spoken to these stark raving lunatics at macromedia and they were as helpful as  a dead undertaker.
now a wee bit of research via google has shown that thousands of people have the same prob as you and me and its something to do with a registry entry that starts    1171 A62F-05D2  etc etc
People ell me this is the cause but its so far  almost imposs to get rid of this registry entry.  Mcafee says itsa macromedia fault.
Hope this info enlightens you