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Firefox Cookie Handling

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Firefox Cookie Handling

While getting involved with another thread I was digging into my cookie settings as they were set to ask me every time with the option to accept/block/session

I don't know how this now works as I came across this

Mozilla removed one of the available cookie control options in Firefox 44 effectively disabling the option for users to decide what to do with cookies that sites want to set on a per-cookie basis.

Firefox users had several options in regards to cookies ever since it was released to the public. Users could allow or block all cookies, configure exceptions for sites, block all third-party cookies, or configure the behavior to display a prompt whenever a site requests to set a cookie.

And it is that last option that Mozilla removed from Firefox 44. While it is likely that the majority of users are not affected by the removal of the feature as it was deeply hidden in the options of the browser, those who have made use of it are.


Firefox installations in which users had had the browser configured to "ask me every time" were switched to accepting cookies after the upgrade to version 44 of the web browser.

I am really choked off about that


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Re: Firefox Cookie Handling

Jim , i can control my cookies ,via Ccleaner actually is better than the FF one

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Re: Firefox Cookie Handling

Second vote for CCleaner! I run it every day, kill all cookies. I'd rather have to re-log-in or have settings to set than have some preeks track me and see where I've been or am going to...