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Fibre not working on some devices

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Fibre not working on some devices

Ive had fibre over 12 months, it works on tv,mobiles ect and labtop. I took my labtop to isle of man and teathered it to my phone. Now it i cannot access internet on it. It says internet blocked. Any help would be greatly anticipated. Cheers
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Re: Fibre not working on some devices

@Susanowlwilson  Welcome to the forum.

I assume that if you are using wireless that you have gone into your available wireless settings and selected your router WiFi?

Alternatively if it's a Windows laptop try the following:

1. Type cmd into the search box on the bottom left of your desktop.

2.This should come up with a link to the Command prompt. Right click this and select 'Run as Administrator'. You may need to enter an administrator password unless you are already logged in to Windows as an administrator.. A new pop up box should appear.

3. Type 'ipconfig /release' (without the inverted commas).

4. After you get a response type 'ipconfig /renew' (without the inverted commas).

See if that fixes it.

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Re: Fibre not working on some devices

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Re: Fibre not working on some devices

Hi @Susanowlwilson,


I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to get online on your laptop after tethering it to your phone whilst you were away. It sounds like the issue lies with the wireless settings on the laptop. Please can you run through the steps that @Baldrick1 has suggested and let us know if this doesn't resolve the problem.

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Re: Fibre not working on some devices

If it's not already fixed, can you access the Internet on the device you are tethering the laptop to??. Also it will be a completely different sdid and password and there may be some setting on the phone that you need to alter. If it's android they are under the wireless setting and tethering/portable hot-spot.