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Facebook...or is it? Scam or not scam? That is the question.

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Facebook...or is it? Scam or not scam? That is the question.

Due to problems (uncertainty of sources) of regularly obtaining a selection of food and drink, while self-isolating, had occasion to (reluctantly) sign up for Facebook (as small, local suppliers use this platform rather than websites, to detail their produce,offers,delivery arrangements,and charges.) I created a basic account, and found that I could access the details in a couple of people's facebook entries. Because I consider facebook to be, like so many other creations of the digital age, a questionable facility (unless you are in the business of data mining) I had asked a pal who does use it, for some advice. He suggested that I tell them as little as possible, which struck me as eminently sensible.

The reason for my post is that I was stopped from accessing facebook until I provided them with a photograph, as there had been suspicious activity on my account. I found this a strange request, as I failed to see what they could compare it with, and so would serve no purpose. I did as was asked though, taking my first (and I hope my last) selfie. This proved to be insufficient, as I was later asked for a form of ID to be photographed and sent to them (with either a photograph or DOB on it.) I decided against this, and took the option of downloading my data file. Today I read an email, also purporting to be from facebook, asking me for another phone number, as my mobile number is on record as being recorded against someone else's account. The regulations that they had directed me to (linked) as regards acceptable documents, etc., all look very convincing (no spelling errors, etc.) but my pal is shouting 'Scam!'

So I am asking if anyone (else) has ever had their identity questioned by facebook, and if so, are these the kinds of requests that were made to them, in order to resolve the issue. My dilemma then is that, although the site seemed to be secure ('', yes?) and genuine, what is being asked of me does not ring true. 

I no longer have the need to use facebook for the purpose stated, but would quite like to search for acquaintances that I have lost touch with, and feel that I have more time to indulge myself in this way, given the ongoing situation.

Can anyone advise me authoritatively as to the best course of action, or is it clearly another case of outrageous scamming by unprincipled opportunists (is that redundancy? Is there any other kind? Tautology Jimmy? Ken? (since I am in Dundee.)

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Re: Facebook...or is it? Scam or not scam? That is the question.

Yes Facebook can and do ask for ID, there are plenty of official articles on the facebook site explaining this.

Personally, had an account one and won’t be signing up again.
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Re: Facebook...or is it? Scam or not scam? That is the question.

You didn't need to send a genuine photo - its only for Facebook to feed into its algorithms to track your appearance in other peoples photos.

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