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FREE windows Filemanger

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FREE windows Filemanger

Just came across this beauty and as always thought I would share it. I use Powerdesk but this free one matches it and its free and you can just copy it to a USB stick and take it with you and it will work. It gives you a lot of extras that you dont get with windows file manager
  Main features in FreeCommander:
    * Dual-panel technology - horizontal and vertical
    * Tabbed interface
    * Optional tree view for each panel
    * Built in file viewer to view files in hex, binary, text or image format
    * File viewer inside archives too
    * Built in archive handling: ZIP (read, write), CAB (read, write), RAR (read)
    * Nested archive handling
    * Built in FTP client
    * Easy access to system folders, control panel, desktop and start menu
    * Copy, move, delete, rename files and folders
    * Multi rename tool
    * Wipe files
    * Create and verify MD5 checksums
    * File splitting
    * File properties and context menu
    * Calculation of folder size
    * Folder comparison / synchronization
    * Modification of file date and attributes
    * Folder / program favorites
    * File searching (inside archive too)
    * File filters for display
    * User defined columns for detailed view
    * DOS command line
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Re: FREE windows Filemanger

took a small amount of playing with but the wild card replace function did exactly what
I wanted with my long file name problem.
IE a list of over 30 files all starting with PocketGPS_UK_  two moves , highlight the files do a bulk rename (Ctrl M) put in the string, nothing in the replace with and Bingo done