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FF45 -sending HTML page

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FF45 -sending HTML page

I'm confused. Smiley .I send a friend a couple of web pages (quiz questions/answers) 4 or 5 times a week. Up to last week, I used the normal ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+v option, and the HTML page loaded into the email with no problem.
Since then, however, pasting into the email results in a plain text message, which is much harder for them to read.
As an experiment, last night I tried the same but used Waterfox  (which I understand is only a 'front-end' for FF), and to my surprise, the page loaded correctly. Huh
I know the obvious answer is to use Waterfox, but it appears to use more memory than FF, and I prefer to keep memory usage as low as possible.
Now here's the confusing bit. Thinking that maybe I'd inadvertently changed something, I went and fired up my 2 XP systems (X64 laptop and X86 desktop), which obviously are only for emergency use but had previously correctly, only to find that they too now no longer loaded the HTML page, merely the text. The ONLY change on those two systems was the update of FF to the latest version, which made me think it must be something in FF45.
That , however, doesn't make sense if Waterfox works OK --- or does it???  Undecided Undecided
Any suggestions gratefully received.
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Re: FF45 -sending HTML page


The obvious answer is to just paste the web-link into the email.

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