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Extending external cable

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Extending external cable


I'm looking for some advice regarding the cable that runs from the junction box where my phone line enters my property, through to the main phone box inside my house. I'm having an extension built next month and the existing cable currently runs around the exterior of the house, across the path where the extension is going to be built and then through the wall into the living room. It is going to be in the way during the build, and too short when the build is complete.


My first question - Am I ok to disconnect the cable from my main phone box and temporarily re-route it myself?


Second question - FTTP has recently become available in my area. When the extension has been built, will I be able to ask Open Reach to install a new fibre cable around the extension for me? I don't think PlusNet currently provide this service and I've recently started a new 18 month contract. If so, any idea how much this costs? If not, can I replace the entire existing (copper?) cable from the junction box through to the main socket myself?


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Extending external cable

I think that it's still the case that you need to get openreach to move the cable and anything up to the master socket, which comes at a cost of £160.  You may be able to do it yourself or get a non-Openreach person in, but that might end up with a big bill if Openreach notice and care enough about it (such as if it isn't done to a suitable standard, or using the same techniques they use.

For FTTP, Oprenreach will install the cable, usually via the same means as the copper comes (ie overhead or underground), and take it to a CSP (Customer Splice Point), then from there into the property to the OTN, which usually needs to be on an external wall.  That'll all be done after it is ordered.  They are usually quite accommodating and will run it to where ever you need it (within reason), though I've heard of some 3rd party contractors being awkward about it.

Plusnet don't currently sell FTTP, though a spokesperson said they would be later this year.  That was back in April.  There hasn't been anything else official on that since, so no one could say if that is still on target, delayed or (though unlikely) abandoned.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Extending external cable


If you look through the Help pages on the following site it gives infomation about what to do when building work interferes with a phone line.


As stated, PlusNet don't currently offer FTTP but may do later this year. However, they appear to waive early termination charges if you move to BT or EE FTTP.


From what you said you appear to be served by an overhead phone line. When (or if) FTTP is installed OpenReach relace you current line with a hybrid fibre/copper one (though this may now be fibre only with the phase out of copper products). As you're effectively getting a new line put in you have some say in where in where it goes.


Legally you're not allowed to touch the OR cable up to and including the Master socket - only extensions from this point.



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Re: Extending external cable

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