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Email not working

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Email not working

I managed to get some help on twitter with my email from plusnet and it is now working in iOS for iPhone however I just cannot get it to work in Thunderbird on my desktop.

I get the message that the server failed to respond when I try and send an email.

Receiving emails is not a problem it is just sending them.


I have followed the guide and used its settings here

They do not work.

I am using IMAP and have tried both the default 587 and 25 for the outgoing port.

What is wrong with plusnet? Surely it shouldn't be this difficult. Every other email account I have from other providers work without these problems and they have better security.

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Re: Email not working

I know it is frustrating when something unaccountably does not work but I cannot see anything wrong with the instructions in the link you give except for some ambiguity about authentication.   And of course you need to substitute your actual username where it says Username.  Many many people use Plusnet email successfully with Thunderbird (and other email clients).  

Plusnet don't use SSL (which you may criticise) so make sure the SSL setting is set to None.  If you use Port 25 then authentication is optional, which leads to some ambiguity between sections 4 & 8 of the instructions.  But if you use Port 587 you must authenticate.  Look at the instructions here:

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Re: Email not working

If you are using Thunderbird to send email via on port 587, you must specify an

authentication method of "password, transmitted insecurely".

This is because Plusnet struggle to send email, let alone slightly secure email.

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