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Email display name using WIN 10 mail programme

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Email display name using WIN 10 mail programme

Not strictly about PN email but I am trying to get my sent emails to have my UK2Net hosted domain name email address to show as the sender and not my PN email address. i.e My domain name email is, whereas my PN email is The PN name will always show as the display name on my sent emails but I would like the domain one instead.

I have looked at WIN 10 mail but cannot find a way.Can I get it through PN? 

Am I on a lost cause here?

Any help here is appreciated.




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Re: Email display name using WIN 10 mail programme

Hi John,

It's not a lost cause, but the best approach is to set up another account from scratch so you can change the email address. Once this is set up you can delete the previous account. (Doing that is easy, but Microsoft don't make it intuitive - you need to "edit its settings" then click the "remove" link at the bottom of the pop-up.)

To set up a new account, open W10 Mail and click the "settings" cog at the bottom.

Click "Manage Accounts" then "Add account"
Scroll down a little and click "Advanced setup" then "Internet email"

Complete all the fields as follows:
Email address = your UK2Net hosted domain address
Username = your Plusnet memberlogin (or memberlogin+mailbox for an additional mailbox)
Password = the password which goes with Username
Account name = a suitable W10Mail display name for the account
Send your messages using this name = Firstname Lastname
Incoming mail server =
Account type = IMAP4
Outgoing (SMTP) server =
First two options = selected
Last two options = not selected.

Hopefully that will work. Thumbs_Up

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Re: Email display name using WIN 10 mail programme

Email spammers often use a false email address so you don't know who the real sender is and any attempts to reply are misdirected.  A responsible ISP should block its clients from doing this.  Surely the correct way around your problem is to send via UK2Net?  This page gives the necessary settings.  

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Re: Email display name using WIN 10 mail programme

For other registrars though it appears you can't do that? e.g. with domains registered with 123-reg? Unless you have an email account with them?