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Email Setup Problems

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Email Setup Problems


Since the Plusnet crash yesterday, I cannot seem to get my Outlook emails [using Microsoft 365 outlook] to send or receive emails.   I was unaware at the time there was a Plusnet problem, so deleted my account using Microsoft 365 outlook and tried to setup a new account think the problem was at my end.    Only when discovered the original problem was at the Plusnet end, I attempted again this morning to setup a new outlook account with Microsoft 365 but having horrendous problems sending and receiving emails.

 Now when I go to setup a new account using the same domain, Outlook insists I set the account up using a IMAP settings with server = INCOMING : - port 993    and OUTGOING:  - Port 365

 When I try to send an email I get a synchronisation error and nothing goes in or out of my desktop computer.

Could you please advise what setting I should be entering when using Microsoft Outlook 365 emails

Am going crazy as been trying to set this up all morning without success.



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