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Edge Browser Google Search

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Edge Browser Google Search

I am using the new Edge browser (Windows 10) with Google set as the default search engine. There seems to be an odd bug in the search function (searching from the address bar) and I wondered if anyone else had seen it - or if it's an oddity here?
If I enter a search term with numbers in it, the browser seems to treat it as a URL. Without numbers in the search term it searches fine. As an example searching on "Fibre Profile" searches properly, I get a google search results page. Searching on "Fibre Profile 55/15" returns "Hmm, we can’t reach this page Make sure that you’ve got the right web address: http://fibre%20profile%2055".
The same seems to happen with any search term containing numbers.
If I open a Google search page the searches work fine, as they do in Firefox or Chrome.
Has anyone else seen the same behaviour by Edge?
Quick Update - If I change the default search engine to Bing, the problem goes away. So it seems to be something to do with the Google search plugin ( or a piece of deliberate  misdirection by MS)
Further edit and experimenting  - Fibre Profile with 55 15 or 55-15 work fine with 55/15 or 55:15 gives the error - very odd!
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Re: Edge Browser Google Search

Quote from: wisty
Has anyone else seen the same behaviour by Edge?

I've certainly had some odd behaviours of this type.  I worked-around by loading the Google web page and searching from that, rather than investigating what search terms caused the issues.