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Dual port graphics card

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Dual port graphics card

DAK, with a dual port graphics card c/w 2 x dual splitters (lines/cables).
Can I expand the desktop on my PC to support all four 4 monitors with each monitor having a different view
(running XP).
Any recommendation on what card I'd purchase to do this?

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Re: Dual port graphics card

I know that you can do this with two graphics cards, so I suspect that it's possible with a dual card, though I haven't tried that.
Years ago, I worked for a company whose software product demanded three monitors side-by-side, and that was on Windows NT and windows could be moved to any screen.  The mouse also scrolled right across them too.
One of my colleagues went to train a new customer, where the product we were replacing needed the operator to select F1/F2/F3 depending on which screen they wanted to address.  Well, one of the old operators couldn't understand this and got confused at being able to just run the mouse across.  So the trainer had a bright idea - she got him three mouse mats and placed them side-by-side  !  Grin