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Driver for Netgear dongleWG111T

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Driver for Netgear dongleWG111T

I need Windows drivers for Netgear dongle WG111T
I tried the Netgear website and now they want me to register before I can get the drivers
That's all very well but I am also asked for date of purchase
Its old and I have no idea when it was bought new
as for the serial number which they also ask for. I tried every number I can find on the dongle and all come back as invalid
Netgear never used to be so complicated
Can anyone suggest any alternatives
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Re: Driver for Netgear dongleWG111T

Which version of Windows? Windows Update can often do the trick.
Just download from Netgear here, no need to register:
(tip, click on No thanks if it does ask you to register)