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Domain transfer out

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Domain transfer out

I'm trying to transfer a .com domain out of Plus Net. Ticket raised 24hrs ago and no response. Any one know how long it takes them to look at this? Waiting for an EPP so I can get my website more completed. 


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Re: Domain transfer out

Just to check: by Transfer Out you mean transfer the registration of a domain from PN (presumably from Just the Name).

If you want to move its DNS hosting and/or its webspace from PN, you do this on the recipient side: you visit wherever it is registered and change the name servers to the new DNS host (which may or may not also be that registrar).

When your new website or email service is up and running, you ask PN to remove the domain from the account's domain list, or any subsequent emails from PN end up in your old (otherwise defunct) mailbox rather than at your new one.

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