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Does anyone read the Terms & Conditons of software?

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Does anyone read the Terms & Conditons of software?

I updated Adobe Flash Player and as normal I had to tick a box confirming I had read the Terms & Conditions..I bet most people click YES without reading the T&C's.
Why don't they have an option I agree the terms & conditions but have not read them?
Well...I took the opportunity to read the Terms & Conditions and they are 95 pages long...then if I wanted to read their privacy policy I had to read another document.
I learnt there are 'Rich Internet Applications' but haven't a clue what they are.
That there may be Adverts placed in PDF files with 'Action Tags' which may place files on our computers and convey info to 3rd parties relating to use of PDF files.
The other day I was sent a new computer which had the 'do you agree the T&C's' for various software, which I clicked YES.....then later a message appeared stating..."You will not be able to use your compter if you do not click agree".
Imagine if that was a book or magazine which you'd paid for but you had to sign an agreement before being allowed to open it, let alone read it.
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Re: Does anyone read the Terms & Conditons of software?

I try to skim through them sometimes but it's particularly inconvenient if the terms and conditions are in a separate PDF you have to download.