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Different download speeds on different computers

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Different download speeds on different computers

I connect to the internet via a Netgear DG834gt. I have a 8Mbps account with Plusnet and a good stable connection of: Downstream 8128kbps and Upstream of 832kbps (although according to Plusnet my profile is set at 6.0Mbps) . My line stats are:
Downstream: Line Attenuation _ 6.3dB. Noise margin _ 7.1dB
Upstream: Line Attenuation _3.0dB. Noise margin _ 10dB
I have just set-up a Home Theatre PC connected to the Netgear router via a wireless link , but my hope of viewing HD programmes via the BBC iPlayer has come to nothing, because according to the diagnostics page from iPlayer, my connection isn’t fast enough. Now this is odd, because I have a another machine, a Dell quad core attached via a cable LAN to the same router, which receives the content just fine, however ever other computer I attach to the same router using the same LAN cable can’t stream the data fast enough and according to iPlayer diagnostics hasn’t got a fast enough connection!
I'm aware that the wireless connection is slower than the wired one, but the issue still exists when I disable the wireless connection and connect via the wired LAN. The other computers I'm using are all reasonable up to date with dual core processors.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to the cause and any possible remedies?
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Re: Different download speeds on different computers

Now this is a weird one,all your drivers upto date?i think its most likely a fault with bbci player BUT i could be wrong
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