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Dell Media Direct v Cyberlink

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Dell Media Direct v Cyberlink

I recently purchased A Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop running Windows Home Vista. I also have a JVC Everio Camcorder Model GZ-MG 142 EK.  When I insert the CD  that came with the camcorder to install Power Cinema NE for Everio and also Power Producer 3 NE and Power Director 5 NE Express it directly affects the running of Dell Media Direct.
It takes out all the Music files and will not allow the running of the Slideshow in Pictures. The message appearing on the screen when you go to add the music files says:  Cyberlink PowerCinema Main Program has stopped working.  As I wanted Dell Media Direct to run properly I deleted Power Producer and Power Director and was still able to watch my videos via the PCM4 Everio programme, but still Dell Media Direct did not run properly, so I was forced to delete Power Cinema.    It still showed no files in Music and would not find any when searched, it continued to display the message that Cyberlink PowerCinema Main Program had stopped working.  I then ran System Restore back to the last check point and Dell Media Direct worked fine, once again.
When I first had this problem three days after purchasing the computer I wiped the hard drive back to Factory Default and inserted all the
programmes as before, leaving the CD of Cyberlink to the very end.  Everything worked fine on Dell Media Direct to that point but as soon as I loaded the CD once again it affected the running of Dell Media Direct .  :I have been in touch with Cyberlink on two occasions and  they stated that:
In response to your concern, please note that PowerCinema NE and Dell media direct, both are specific OEM version softwares provided by different OEM manufacturers.
Since, these softwares have some common type of applications, therefore, there are lot of chances for software conflict which seems to be the cause of your issue.
We suggest you to try to install the PowerCinema NE software on a different partition of your hard drive and then try to operate the software.
If, this does not resolve the issue, then unfortunately you may need to uninstall one of the OEM versions and keep only one software on your computer.

I followed their instruction to insert it on a different partition of my Hard drive but to no effect, exactly the same happened.  Thr programme runs OK on my other laptop but that does not have Dell Media Direct.  I wondered if it may be clashing with Vista but Cybernet replied:
In response to your concern, please note that the issue which you are facing, is not due to incompatibility issue between PowerCinema NE and Vista platform.
However, the issue is due to conflict between the OEM version CyberLink softwares provided by two different OEM providers.
These OEM versions are customized version softwares. This customization is made by the development team of the provider and not by the CyberLink developers.
That's the reason why these OEM versions have different features and compatibilities as compared to the full retail versions which we sell.

All a bit Greek to me.  I can watch the videos on my new laptop via Windows Media Player but everyone appears too thin.  I don't know why because they were filmed in widescreen and this laptop is widescreen too.
Anyone out there any suggestions?      I have to keep Dell Media Direct, so presently should I wish to view the videos I either have to watch them on my other computer or on my TV via a DVD I have bunt.