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Debian Wheezy

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Debian Wheezy

Last weekend I upgraded my netbook to debian wheezy.
I prefer uncluttered screens on my computers. On debian squeeze with Gnome 2, I had removed the panels and managed the computer using Cairo-Dock with the docks off the screen until I needed them. On the bottom was applications and on the right hand side the state on the computer and network.
So I am delighted with Gnome 3. Screen uncluttered but easy to get at both data and applications when I need them. And it being debian everything works. I have found that I don't need Cairo-Dock for now..
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Re: Debian Wheezy

Cor somebody that actually LIKES Gnome 3!
I can't stand the "shells" whether Gnome or Unity.
Now I do use a dock (AWN didn't like Cairo), but not on its own.