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Contact information - one set, many uses?!

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Contact information - one set, many uses?!

I have a large address book (along with a calendar, task list, memos, emails etc).  It lives in MS Outlook, it is used when emailing, synchronises with my Palm handhelds, and I've customised it to add a tickbox to each record so I can print address labels once a year of the 50 or so people who I send a Christmas card to.  The benefits of this setup are that the data needs only to be changed once in one place - then it's available on my Palm, on my computer in MS Outlook, when I email people in MS Outlook, and for sending Christmas cards.
My challenge now is that I currently have MS Office XP (which includes the Outlook version 2002), and I'm moving to a new computer.
It must be possible to have one dataset, available on a Palm, desktop computer, email program, and able to be filtered and extracted - to then mailmerge into labels...  ***without using MS Outlook???***
My new computer will likely run Windows XP Pro, have installed on it, and use Thunderbird for email.  I really don't want to have to install the old version of Office.  Is there a different solution?  Maybe using GoogleMail, or a MySQL database with links in to Thunderbird and Palm Desktop, or LDAP whatever that is...?
Any ideas will be gratefully received.  My head is hurting every time I research options: I start down one avenue, often reach a dead end, but find another possibility, and then forget where I started and think I have been exploring how to link data up but without it ever reaching a usable system!
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Re: Contact information - one set, many uses?!

The best option I found for this was on but it seems you either have to pay, or have a tricky to set up open source version. There's detailed instructions on the link though, and I'll be trying this later on today myself - will let you know. I'll be going with FinchSync.
Hope this helps,