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Connecting a Now Box

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Connecting a Now Box

We used to have a PulsNet router, but it kept losing connection.  We then bought and set up a BT Hub router, and that has been working fine.  We've had a Now box for a couple of years and that has been no problem.  Yesterday, though, I went to the Now box and it wasn't connected.  I've tried to reconnect it -including going to a 'hidden screen', but it simply won't accept the password.

Three questions 1) is the password it's wanting the 'Admin Password' or the 'key'?

2) Why won't it accept either of these?

3) What do we do now?

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Re: Connecting a Now Box


1)  It's the wireless key for your BT Hub router

2)  a.  You're not entering the correct key (it's case sensitive).

     b.  There's a problem with the wireless on your Hub or on your Now box

3)  Power off both boxes for a few minutes then try again.