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Connecting Talktalk WIFI hub

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Connecting Talktalk WIFI hub

I have just switched to Plusnet Fibre and am finding the Hub One router is not quite as good as pumping high speed wifi to multiple devices as the newly launched Wifi hub I purchased from TalkTalk shortly before leaving them.  When I try to switch to the TT hub it does not connect to internet.  Please can someone tell me how to get it to talk to plusnet?  Thanks.

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Re: Connecting Talktalk WIFI hub

Assuming it's not locked down you will need to update the broadband connection details with your username and password.

That will be <username> and your member centre password.
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Re: Connecting Talktalk WIFI hub

This link may be useful

It links to a pdf file guide on configuring the router. You will need to change the Internet settings BUT as @dvorak says they may well be locked to Talktalk


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Re: Connecting Talktalk WIFI hub

Guess you could turn the hub ones wifi off (put tape over wifi light too)

Turn off TT's DHCP on the router

Connect it to the hub one using an Ethernet cable - (Ethernet port to Ethernet port)

You'd get the connection to the PN network, plus the wifi off the TT router (but with a small increase in electricity consumption) but could always put the hub one out of sight...?


edit. changed mistype of odd to off, my bad.