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Computer will not start

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Re: Computer will not start

Essential repairs are allowed. 😀

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Re: Computer will not start

@shermans   While you are waiting......and using your laptop;...


Download and install Linux Mint 19.3 MATE  64bit from here...


You will end up with a     .iso     file on your downloads list...

Then go to this page......

and burn it to a USB stick.....

(if you set the "persistance" to maximum... you can play around with it... install WINE4.0  ( as previously described in my tutorial)... install a couple of Windows progs on it... and they will be "saved" when you remove the USB STICK FROM THE LAPTOP..


NOTE... you will be running Linux Mint from the USB stick... not from the laptop... nothing changes on the Laptop hard you can be sure that your existing Operating System, and all the files and folders are safe...


You will find it very useful... as ..once you have done the install to the USB stick... you can then use that USB stick on the main computer if you get similar problems again... ( or ... indeed, on ANY computer.... it is not restricted ( as windows is) to the computer it was "loaded" up on...