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Cisco backdoor still open on ISP routers.

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Cisco backdoor still open on ISP routers.

I do hope I am placing this topic in the correct forum here.
Subject does relate to `hardware` - but is not specifically related to PlusNet either.
I`m throwing this out there - see what others have to say :
Cisco backdoor still open
The "backdoors" that Cisco and other networking companies implement in their routers and switches for lawful intercept are front and center again at this week's Black Hat security conference.
This time, an IBM researcher told Black Hat conference attendees that these openings can still expose information about us to hackers and allow them to "watch" our Internet activity. Backdoors are implemented in routers and switches so law enforcement officials can track the Internet communications and activity of an individual or individuals under surveillance. They are required by law to be incorporated in devices manufactured by networking companies and sold to ISPs.

I was reading earlier in one forum that people were recommending TOR encryption. ;     Grin
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Re: Cisco backdoor still open on ISP routers.

Tor is only as good as the exit point.
Or, put another way, instead of your eggs being in your basket, they are all in somebody else's basket.