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Chromecast and Smart TV's

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Chromecast and Smart TV's

Since buying a Smart TV very recently I have not bothered with reconnecting my Chromecast device for obvious reasons but, if I wanted for example to cast from my laptop to the TV would I need to reconnect that Chromecast.

I'm thinking yes but also suspect no - if that makes any sense.

Any ideas guys for this old head-scratcher? 

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Re: Chromecast and Smart TV's

If it worked on your old TV I can see no reason why it would not work on your smart tv.

Personally I never had much luck with chromecast, often freezing part way through a program or asking me to connect or other such message.

Purchased an android box which works with my smart tv and have never looked back. (Linstar H96pro +)


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Re: Chromecast and Smart TV's

it depends entirely on what smart tv you have and what OS it is based on.
if you want to "cast" from chrome to your TV then you would need the chromecast, unless the TV supports Google Cast (or whatever they are calling it these days).