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Card handling for a little club

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Registered: ‎06-02-2008

Card handling for a little club

I am on the committee of a 200 member society and we occasionally hold seminars for which we charge £15/25/30. I use Serif Webplus X4 for the site, and it does have a PayPal button I have not used yet, but I was wondering if there was any handler who would process our small sums and who is financially secure? At the moment people send us cheques or pay on the door.
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Re: Card handling for a little club

Have you considered using something like SagePay? I used them for a company I deal with who sell Oatmeal.
There are a few hoops to jump through when using credit cards, but for online payments, they seem pretty good. As far as Sage being financially secure, I can't comment... but you'd hope they had a pretty decent handle on their accounts....